Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wyrms: The Dragon

Value: Low
Strong against: Low HP, low armor, low power armies.
Weak against; Things that stun(e.g. rogue), dodge(e.g., rogue), or 'incapacitate'(e.g. geomancer),
Best Paired with: Healer, abbey, and artificer all work decently with the dragon.

The dragon is one of the few units I recommend playing before deployment cost reducers like the general are down, if you have to make such a choice. This is because the dragon becomes increasingly feeble as more units enter the field; after a certain point, your dragon will probably be annihilated right after sticking is smoke-exhaling nose near your opponent's side. It simply will not be able to take down units fast enough.

Its effective attack range of 6(including 3) and movement speed of 3, however, makes it excellent for putting very quick pressure on your opponent; low power, low HP units are typically the first units your opponent will deploy. With some luck, you'll be able to land a crushing explosion on a white or black mage, along with a number of fodder units.

Unfortunately, even with only 2-3 turns before your dragon is a threat, your opponent will typically be ready for it.


  1. Great post! Except for one thing... the Dragon Rocks! Draco Dragon combo in 2vs2 or coop is one fast-killing, fast-growing army. The Dragon with 2 rangers deployed turn one threatens every abjurer and warlock.

    Why protect it? Let them use all their firepower to kill it, so a Skinwalker and 2 rangers with 2 wolves wrecks into the remaining army! Forget those healing priests for this unholy beast, death and destruction abound with a Zaticon Dragon around!

  2. Interesting setups-I suppose I'm a bit biased towards how units perform in random matchups.