Saturday, December 5, 2009


Actions per turn: 1
Hit Points: 2
Power: (can not attack)
Armor: 0
Cost: $350

The Abjurer is one of my all time favorite units. It costs just as much as a necromancer or a warlock, but is it really worth the price tag? Yes, because it's one of the few units in the game that let's you attack at a range 6, can act as a summoner, acts as a healer and can give your troops +1 armor for a turn. So let's run down exactly what each of it's special abilities do.

Army gets +1 Armor (max 2). Costs 1 action, lasts 1 turn
The main use for this ability is for extreme defensive positions and stalemates. This ability should be used as a backup ability as 90% of the time the Abjurer should be used to unsummon units. The +1 armor ability gives all units who have 0 or 1 armor an extra unit of armor; but as with all units in Zatikon, they cannot have more 2 armor. Typically, in end game scenarios, it comes in handy not only when you have another summoning unit like a barracks, but if you also have a significant amount of foot troops. As such the +1 armor will give you that much more of an advantage in any offensive/defensive position.

Seal the Castle Gate. 1 action, lasts 2 turns
I have yet to ever come into a scenario that ever used this ability. The main reason is all random armies come included with a gate guard, which supplements this ability. Ideally, this ability has to potential to be useful if it lasted for 4 turns, but at 2 turns, if your using this ability, you have probably already lost at this point seeing as your opponent has already broken down your lines so severely.

Return target to their castle, cast anywhere within 5, 1 action
This is the Abjurer's best ability in the game: unsummoning! Anywhere within 5! Range 5 for means that you can pretty much cover most of the game board; this in turn means your abjurer will be able to consistently provide support for the bulk of your units. There are 4 ways to use this ability:

#1 to unsummon an enemy piece. Your goal with an abjurer is to setup a defensive line first before using the #2 ability. Therefore this part of it's ability is to help zap back units back to the opponent's gate just to stall your opponent. Ideally, you don't want to be using this ability the entire game as all your other units on the board should be striking out offensively or defending the area within 5 that the abjurer can cover.

#2 to unsummon an ally piece. After setting up a decent defensive position, your ready to start pushing forward to attack. The best units to use in conjunction with an abjurer are other long range units like an archers, rangers or horseman, but also standard ground troops can be used. You can safely move up your units make an attack, then simply unsummon any damaged or threatened ally unit. This means, you will be able to penetrate a range of 6 as the abjurer reaches 5 spaces and your other allied unit will reach the 6th line.

#3 unsummoning is healing. Once an ally is damaged after an attack, just move it within 5 of the abjurer and then bring out that unit from your base fully healed again!

#4 unsummoning also means summoning! Currently, in the game there is only 1 unit that this works with: the Ranger. Normally the Ranger only gets 1 wolf to summon, but with the abjurer, you can unsummon him and then refresh the ranger's ability to make another wolf upon redeployment, which means having an infinite amount of wolves. Just be advised, it's better to establish a defensive line and push a little forward before you start using this #4 ability, but every scenario in Zatikon is situational.

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