Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gaining More Commands Every Turn

Every player in Zatikon starts off with the default 5 commands. But, that doesn't mean that you can't gain extra commands every turn! Commands are the things needed to move a unit, attack, use a special ability and to do just about anything in the game. Generally speaking, the player who has more commands in a game has a huge advantage, but this isn't always the case. The ideal in every game should be to have 7 commands or at least 6. Once you go above 8 commands per turn, it's not going to be significantly helpful. So, how can you gain more commands per turn? here are the few units that can help do that:

Tactician, General, Command Post, Strategist and Sergeant.

Every Tactician you have in play will give you 1 extra command. That might not seem like that big a deal, but it helps out dramatically. Plus, he's as cheap as they come as he only costs $50. The drawback of the tactician is that he can't attack or defend, but all your other troops will be very excited to see him on your side of the battlefield.

The General, in addition to giving you 1 extra command per turn like the Tactician, also let's you deploy all your troops for -1 command. Deployment is what it costs to bring a unit onto the gameboard, so the sooner you can deploy your stuff the better off you are. The general is also a well rounded unit as he has 4 hit points, 3 power and 2 armor. Basically, he's a run of the mill defensive backup unit that helps you deploy everything faster and gives 1 extra command per turn.

Command Post:
The Command Post like the General, lets you deploy all your troops for -1 command. The Command Post can also store up to 2 commands per turn and has no limit to how many commands it can store. Once you activate the Command Post, you will use up all those commands for 1 turn and be able to use way beyond the normal 5 default commands. This helps in doing attacks/defense moves that would normally be impossible.

The Strategist is also similar to the tactician in that it costs $50 and it can not attack or defend. But, instead of just gaining 1 command per turn, the Strategist gives you +1 command for EVERY attack your opponent makes on any of your units. So, as you can imagine, that could mean a lot of extra commands. I think overall, the strategist is just as useful as the tactician, it mainly depends upon what game mode you are playing and what units you and your opponent are using.

The Sergeant is a normal weak unit with 1 great ability. The Sergeant lets any other unit perform all their actions for free. So, all those free actions can definitely add up, especially with the fact the sergeant only costs $50. Additionally, Sergeant has 2 actions per turn, so this means you can technically let 2 other ally units perform both their actions for free if they are standing 1 space away from the sergeant. Last but not least, unlike the strategist and tactician, the strategist at least can attack but it's rarely ever used for doing so.

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